The «Ceramic Flood of Light» luminaire series was created holding as a basic design notion the clarity of forms and materials integrated in the procedure. One of the basic modern movement principles, construction purity, acts as a driving force – influence in the objects’ compositional process.
The lamps were dealt with as space models providing illumination to both their shell and their surrounding space. Hence, the arising light and shadow relation, created through natural or artificial lighting, becomes a powerful element.
The lamps morphology comes as a result of 3-dimensional sections. A conceivable plane intersects simple geometrical prisms, such as a sphere or a cube. The section point serves at the same time as the illumination source point, therefore metaphorically the energy – light, primitively embedded within the basic geometry, is channelled towards the surrounding environment.

It is worth noting that during the ceramic lamps designing, the process of handmade construction required for the specific result was taken into consideration. Clay is processed on a wheel or in sheets and no mold is integrated in the manufacture procedure.

It is a kind of handmade design and for this phrase to be applicable one should clarify that the term design is used to describe the thorough and functional object planning and shaping and not mass production industrial design.

The «Ceramic Flood of Light» collection includes the following luminaires:

  • Japan1Small
  • Japan2Small
  • Japan3Small
  • japan1Small
  • japan2Small
  • japan3Small

White clay, oak and red fabric-covered cable. Three familiar elements are connected under a functional notion to create a ceiling luminaire. The objects preserve their raw materiality which combined with the light, highlights the form’s rigid geometry. Light is primarily decapsulated through the bottom part, whereas the top provides dimmer lighting towards the cable and ceiling.
Dimensions: Ø 28 x H 20cm
Material: stoneware clay
color: white

  • Drop1Small
  • Drop2Small
  • Drop3Small
  • Drop4Small
  • Drop4SmallCrop
  • drop1Small
  • drop2Small
  • drop3Small
  • drop4Small
  • drop4SmallCrop

Virtually spherical forms enclose the light which is diffused on the surrounding space.
Small      H 16  L 18  W 16 cm
Medium: H 22  L 25  W 22 cm
large:      H 27  L 30  W 27 cm
X large :  Υ 45  Μ 50  Π 45 cm
Material: stoneware clay
color: white

  • Tokyo1Small
  • Tokyo2Small
  • Tokyo3Small
  • Tokyo4Small
  • Tokyo5Small
  • tokyo1Small
  • tokyo2Small
  • tokyo3Small
  • tokyo4Small
  • tokyo5Small

A composition of two white ceramic cylinders suspended from the ceiling through a red fabric-covered cable.
Dimensions: Ø 20 x H 25cm
Material: stoneware clay
color: white

  • See1Small
  • See2Small
  • See3Small
  • see1Small
  • see2Small
  • see3Small

Scenery of indirect illumination confined within a ceramic model. A floor or table luminaire enhancing the geometrical materialization in its primitive form.
color: white

Small      H 15  L 14  W 14 cm
Medium: H 15  L 23  W 13 cm
large:      H 20  L 19  W 17 cm
Material: stoneware clay